m&r is a professional in induction

Our strength is that we develop for every ceramic cooking dish its own decal according to your specifications, the size of the dish, its application area and the resistance of the ceramic. It is important for us to use as little silver paste as necessary and consequently keep the costs as low as possible.
Um Ihnen unnötige Kosten zu ersparen, legen wir Wert darauf, den Verbrauch an Silberpaste für das Induktions-Abziehbild so gering wie möglich zu halten.
We test whether your ceramic cooking dish is suitable for induction stoves – free of charge and without obligation.
That’s how it works:
1. Please send us the dish you want to use on an induction stove, whether for cooking or warm keeping.

2. Our laboratory will use existing decals to check if your ceramic is suitable for use on induction stoves. In order to do this, our own software, which was specially developed for this purpose, will measure how electricity, wattage and temperature change in the course of time.

3. You will receive an evaluation as well as your dish with its fired induction decal to be able to carry out your own tests.
This first step serves as a basis to develop your tailor-made decal for your dish according to your specifications.
And we will be glad to help and advise you!

Feel free to have your dish tested now!

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